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Recent Success Stories

Success Stories

"The names have been withheld to protect the innocent."

Posted October 12, 2015:  "In the Spring of 2015, my clients were accused of child abuse by school officials.  Their first attorney advised them to cooperate with the Government's plans to place their children in foster care.  Once the parents capitulated, the Government began to drag their feet, as if trying to punish the parents by exiling the children to foster care.  After I engaged in the case, I attacked the underpinnings of the Government's involvement in this family's life and pressed the Government to move forward at double speed for the benefit of the children. This strategy succeeded and the children were home in less than one hundred days from my initial involvement, instead of the one year timetable the Government was pursuing."

Posted Sept. 15, 2015:  "In the summer of 2014, my client was accused of violently shaking his infant child and throwing the baby onto the floor.  After I accumulated all of the relevant medical evidence and obtained an independent review of the medical evidence and medical history, the Government's theory of the cause of the injuries would not hold water.  The truth turned out to be exactly what my client had told the police upon initial questioning - the baby was dropped accidentally from a seated position.  The prosecutors wanted life in prison for the alleged offense of Aggravated Assault of a Child with Serious Bodily Injury by using a Deadly Weapon.  By the time I was done with the case, a lesser offense of reckless injury to a child and a probated/suspended sentence was the result -- without a trial."

Posted February 16, 2015:  "My client was charged with Family Violence Assault by Strangulation (a Third Degree Felony) along with Cruelty to Animals (a State Jail Felony) and Misdemeanor Interference with an Emergency Phone Call.  My investigation discovered evidence which demonstrated that the complaining witness had told falsities to Law Enforcement, and that Law Enforcement had thereafter exaggerated the false story they had been told.  The prosecutions were all dismissed."

Posted August 20, 2013:  "My client was a veteran in the midst of an unpleasant divorce when he was accosted in a public place by his estranged wife's paramour, who was brandishing a weapon.  A few days after fending off the other man and avoiding a physical altercation, the veteran was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  I was contacted by his family members and arranged for the client's release on a personal bond and began to appear with him at the court.  After investigating the real perpetrator's background and criminal record, I engaged in a variety of conversations with the prosecutor's office and eventually they were convinced that an official criminal charge should not be filed against my client.  The case was dismissed prior to indictment."

Posted Oct. 14, 2012:  "My client has been suffering from mental health issues most of her adult life, and has been self-medicating with prescription medications and illegal drugs.  I helped her find a court approved program for outpatient intervention and treatment.  Nearly two years later, when she had completed the hardest part of the work and shown great progress in her life and her battle against addiction, I was able to arrange a dismissal of the case against her - without any conviction or formal probation.  Good clients make good results possible."

Posted Jan. 28, 2012:  "My client was accused of stalking his adult daughter in an act of unbridled rebellion, and a two year Protective Order was issued against him.  The collateral consequences which resulted were potentially devistating to my client's personal and professional lives.  I was able to have the Protective Order thrown out, and to obtain a new trial of the case.  The re-trial efforts eventually resulted in a dismissal of the case against my client."

Posted Dec. 1, 2011:  "After much persaverance and persistence, I was able to correct a prior court error which negatively impacted my client's public criminal record.  My client's troubles began in 1993, when he followed the less than thorough advice of another attorney and chose Regular Probation over Deferred Adjudciation.  My first effort to correct the problems in 2001 were a complete success when I convinced the trial court to allow my client most of the benefits of a Deferred Adjudication at the time of his early release from Probation.  Subseqently, in 2009, my client sent another attorney to seek further relief from the trial court, resulting in a reversal of the successes I obtained in 2001.  I took up the problem again in the Summer of 2010, and had restored the 2001 success, which resulted in the final dismissal of the charges instead of a final conviction."

Posted Feb. 12, 2011:  "My client moved here from the Northeast United States to restart his young adult life with his extended family.  Instead, his cousin and aunt took advantage of his vulnerable situation, eventually making a less than truthful police report, which led to my client's arrest for allegedly assaulting his cousin.  The government's lawyers sought to prevent my efforts to uncover the complaining counsin's criminal records, and her mental health records, and her medical records, all of which tended to show that my client was innocent.  Eventually, I won the battle of attrition, and the government dismissed the prosecution against my client."

Posted Dec. 7, 2010: "Today, charges of assault, with allegations of bodily injury and allegations of family violence, were dismissed by the Government with the consent of the Trial Court. We struggled with the State's attorneys for months before justice was served. My client's good name is restored." By coming to see us before a problem arose, we were able to help this client's situation temendously.

Posted August 9, 2010: "Last week, I represented a young woman whose young daughter had been taken into foster care by Child Protective Services (CPS). I only had two days to prepare for the trial over whether to return the toddler to her mother. CPS and their attorneys wanted to keep the little girl in foster care. I was able to show the court that there was no reason for CPS to have taken the little girl into foster care in the first place, and that there was no reason not to return the child to the young mother.  CPS and their attorneys were completely unwilling to even consider sending the little girl home, right up until the time that the Judge ordered the return. A 'home study' will still be done at the mother's home, but her little girl's three week ordeal in foster care was ended within three days of my involvement."

Posted July 30, 2010: "In the early summer of 2010, I appeared at the Travis County District Court's family law docket call with a father who was being falsely accused of committing family violence. The mother's application for a protective order was denied on the merits after a full day trial before a district judge, and the family violence charges were fully defeated. The opposite result would have cost this man, father of a little girl and a little boy, his parental relationship with his children and probably his career.  The accuser in this case was shown to have a motive to lie about the alleged events, and a cloud doubt was cast upon theallegations.  We convinced the Court that there had NOT been any family violence at all."

Posted March 25, 2010: "In late 2009, my client was arrested on a three year old warrant for a serious misdemeanor charge.  Investigation revealed that the complaint had never been properly processed, and that the client really didn't know anything about the charges until his recent arrest, three years after the alleged events. Two weeks ago, the Travis County Court at Law granted my motion to dismiss the case due to the unreasonable delay, over the objections of the prosecution."

Posted Feb. 19, 2010: "In the early weeks of January 2010, I appeared with a husband-father whose soon-to-be-ex-wife who, for no good reason, had fled the State of Texas while pregnant with their planned son-to-be. A trial was presented at the County Court at Law of a rural county in Central Texas. The trial court ordered the wife to return the child to the County where the father lived or relinquish the child to the father. There is reason to believe that this complex question to jurisdictional law may be pursued to the highest court in the land. UPDATED April 15, 2012:  A full fledged jurisdictional battle resulted when the child's mother filed for custody in aState, while the appeal of the Texas case was under consideration by the 14th Court of Appeals.  Rather than face the much anticipated results at the Court of Appeals, the opposing party agreed to return the child to my client in Cental Texas and all pending litigation was dismissed by the parties."

Posted Jan. 15, 2010: "In the closing days of 2009, I was retained by a father whose ex-wife had lost the ability to properly care for their teen-aged daughter. The ex-wife had become addicted to prescription medications and was living in a general state of intoxication, and was leaving the daughter to 'fend for herself.' This is understandably difficult when you live in the suburbs and aren't old enough to drive yet. Within four weeks, we had obtained a court order immediately removing the daughter from the mother's home and placing her with her father, our client. The results have been astounding."

Please Call for an Appointment.  For a private meeting, call me at 512-551-0404  or send an eMail to  I am available for appointments Monday through Thursday, from 9-5 and 9-3 on Friday. Evening and weekend consultations can be arranged upon request. My office is conveniently located Round Rock at 1000 Heritage Center Circle, with plenty of free parking.  All meetings by appointment only please.

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