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My Practice

An Overview of My Practice

One Texas Lawyer for Your Family Law,
Domestic Relations and Criminal Law Issues

I bring more than 30 years of legal experience to people throughout Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country, including Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Cedar Park and Burnet. I believe in honesty and integrity in the practice of law and achieve this through a matter-of-fact approach based on the legal results my clients desire. We will discuss the facts of your case, your legal goals, and the steps we can take to achieve those goals.

To schedule a confidential consultation, call my office at 512-551-0404, or send an eMail directly to me:

Family Law and Domestic Relations

I provide comprehensive counsel in matters involving divorce, child-custody, child support, adoption and paternity disputes. I also handle post-judgment requests for the modification or enforcement of existing divorce, custody or support orders.  

I represent men and women facing a wide range of family law and domestic relations concerns, including the following:

Divorce.  I can help you prepare an agreed divorce at a reduced rate, or I can provide full service litigation representation.  All divorce cases require that the court divide your property and debts (the marital estates), and that the court provide for the conservatorship, custody and support of any children of the marriage.

Child Custody Disputes.   I can help you with court actions involving your parent child relationship, whether arising from an new or on-going divorce case, or a subsequent court action to modify existing orders, or a CPS involvement in your life.

Child Support.  I can help you with establishing a child support obligation, child support collections, or with defending against child support collection actions, or with child support modification actions. 

Adoptions.  I can help with your adoption of a step-child or a foster child.

CPS Investigations and Litigation.  I can help with CPS cases.   At the early investigative stage, I can help to avoid removal of children from their home, possible foster home placement, and court intervention.  After the court action begins, I can help you get you children home, and with the court ordered service plan, and the trial of the case. 

Criminal Defense

I defend people charged with felonies or misdemeanors in the state courts in Texas, including violent crimes, assault, drug offenses, alcohol-related offenses including Driving while Intoxicated and Boating while Intoxicated, traffic violations and white collar crimes. I also handle probation violations, bond forfeiture hearings, expunctions and non-disclosure orders.

Family Violence

Often, divorces and child custody disputes involve allegations or family violence, sometimes in criminal court and sometimes in the family court.  Because I represent individuals in both civil and criminal proceedings, I have expertise that is important to these cases, whether those accusations arise a divorce case, a criminal complaint or a petition for protective orders. 

Please Call for an Appointment.  For a private meeting, call me at 512-551-0404.  Or send an eMail directly to me:  I am available for appointments Monday through Thursday, from 9-5 and 9-3 on Friday. Evening and weekend consultations can be arranged upon request. I have offices in downtown Austin, and in Round Rock.

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